There are multiple contracts in place for Faculty, Staff and Student Uniforms, Clothing, Shoes and Accessories.

If the item(s) is being purchased with Chart A money and will be worn by a Faculty, Staff of Student member then it is considered a “Uniform” in the context of the contracts in place. A Uniform is not only a garment deemed mandatory by your supervisor or department, it is also a garment worn to represent the University or distinguish you within a workplace or at a University function.  The item(s) do not have to have a University Logo but if it does, all Licensing terms will apply.

IMG College Licensing

Vendors that supply or may supply products to the University that include a University logo or insignia must obtain an Internal Campus Supplier License.  This license allows vendors to produce products for University departments and groups; this license does not allow the vendor to sell products to any other entity or individual. For more information on licensed vendors and department policy please visit t Trademark Licensing.