The University must ensure that research/lab equipment is housed and operated in a safe environment. When the Purchasing Department receives a request for research/lab equipment, a copy of the request along with specifications, is forwarded for review, to an advisory group made up of professionals in the Environmental Health & Safety Department and Facilities Engineering Services. The information forwarded must also include the requestor’s name, contact information, and the room/building in which the equipment will be placed. This review is necessary to:

Facilities Engineering Services

  1. Confirm the building structure will support the equipment
  2. Confirm the equipment can pass through doors and hallways easily; if problems are identified, determine any adaptations Facilities Planning would need to make to accommodate the installation
  3. Confirm the electrical capacity of the building is adequate to support the new equipment
  4. Confirm that power, plumbing, or venting hookups are accessible or possible
  5. Confirm the equipment meets lab safety requirements
  6. Confirm the location and activity are in keeping with the goals of the University

The equipment typically reviewed by the advisory group includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Upgrades to existing equipment
  2. All equipment requiring installation by the vendor
  3. Equipment requiring the use of specialty gases
  4. Equipment with high voltage output
  5. All large equipment
  6. Gas cabinets
  7. Nitrogen generators
  8. Equipment requiring plumbing, drain, process chilled water, ventilation or exhaust

This review process normally takes no more than 24 hours. If problems/concerns are identified, Facilities Engineering Services and/or the Lab Safety Manager will contact the Principal Investigator or faculty member directly to discuss. For additional information, please contact Sharon O’Neal, Senior Buyer for Research, at 205-348-5037.