The University of Alabama allows for rental of Off-Campus Storage Units for temporary storage of items.  These units should only be rented under certain approved circumstances when there are no other storage options available.  These units vary in size and are available in climate controlled and non-climate controlled.

Please note if you are currently leasing a storage unit from All-American Self Storage you can go directly to Submit Request Form below without contacting Land Management or All-American Self Storage.  For new rentals, please proceed as advised below.

Before submitting a request for the rental of a unit, please contact Land Management to confirm there is no available on-campus storage space that could be utilized.  Land Management can assist in determining if adequate space is available in a current location on campus that would eliminate the cost and effort involved in the rental of a temporary off-campus storage unit.

If no other options for storage are available, please contact All-American Self Storage to request availability of units and obtain pricing for the unit.  Once the information is obtained, please complete the Off-Campus Storage Unit Rental Request Form below and submit for approval.  Once approved, you will receive a fully executed, signed copy of the agreement.

Your department will be responsible for coordinating the move to and from the off-campus temporary storage units.  Your rental of the unit(s) is valid for a period not to exceed 12 months from inception.  A new form must be completed and submitted for approval to extend the rental beyond the initial 12- month period.  All payments should be made by P-card.

Submit Request Form

Once submitted, your request form will route as follows:

  • Dean, Director or Department Head for Approval
  • Land Management for Approval
  • Purchasing for contract number assignment
  • All American Storage for lease information and signature
  • UA authorized signature
  • Requester will receive a copy of the approval form and lease agreement via email once complete