Where is the Purchasing Department located?


Who is authorized to sign a vendor contract on behalf of a college, school, or administrative unit of the University?

When do I have to bid an item?

How do I determine if the University has a contract for specific commodity?

Are purchases that are $15,000 or more subject to the Alabama Bid Law regardless of the source of funding?

Can a bid process be started even though funding has not been finalized and/or a Banner FOAPAL not yet established in the system?


How do I determine which buyer to contact regarding a particular commodity?


How do I purchase a copier for my department?

What is the procedure for ordering business cards and departmental letterhead?

My department is hosting a reception at a local venue. Can my department head or dean sign the rental and catering contracts?

Do I have to send the purchase order to the vendor for my order?

A staff member in my department needs a new item and wishes to purchase it with his/or own funds and file for reimbursement. What process do I use?

How do I charter a bus for my group or team?