Shopper: This role can only choose items to put in their cart (Catalog and Non-Catalog) and then transfer their cart to a user who is a Requester or higher. Each Shopper is given a default person to transfer to but can edit to a different person, if needed.

Requester: This role can choose items, check out on Catalog Orders, submit Non-Catalog Orders, and complete receiving.

Approver One: This role can do everything the Requester does but will also approve orders based on the ORG Code they are approving for. Approvals occur for Catalog Orders over $10,000 and all Non-Catalog orders.

Approver Two: This role can do everything the Requester does but will also approve orders, based on the ORG Code, that are over $15,000 (Catalog and Non-Catalog).

University departments are responsible for assigning appropriate user roles for their personnel. If your department is unsure, please contact for assistance.

User Roles and Responsibilities:

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Functions, Shopper, Requester, Approver One, Approver Two

Searches and selects the goods or services in buyBama,X,X,X,X
Creates a shopping cart in buyBama,X,X,X,X
Determines if funds are available for purchase,,X,X,X
Adds accounting information and submits order,,X,X,X
“Authorized to expend University funds up to $9,999.99 on P-Card/PO”,,X,X,X
“Approves or rejects Catalog transactions over $10,000 and all Non-Catalog transactions”,,,X,X
“Approves or rejects Non-Catalog transactions over $15,000, in addition to Approver One functions”,,,,X