Online training is available for all buyBAMA users based on the role that they are assigned.  The training videos and eLearning course may be accessed at any time as training for new users or to provide a refresher for more experienced users.  Please feel free to revisit them at any time.

RoleDutiesTraining Tools
ShopperInitiates the order by placing items into a shopping cart and transferring it to another user for final checkout.Shopper Training Video
RequesterProcesses all stages of the order from placing items into the cart to final checkout. The Requester may complete checkout on behalf of shoppers and is responsible for completing receiving once the items arrive. Training for this role is available through the online quick quick start guide and user guide. If you need additional assistance please email to schedule a one-on-one training session.
ApproverDepending on their level, Approvers review orders placed by Requesters that are over certain dollar thresholds.

Approvers also have the same authority as Requesters to place orders.
Approver Training Video