Effective on or after June 1, 2016 for all “agreements” initiated and subsequently entered into in the name of The Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama System, Vendor Disclosure Statements will be required to be submitted advising The University of Alabama System of any potential conflicts of interest (per Board Rules 106 and 106.2) as it relates to all contracts, such as proposals, bids, and contracts, including professional service/consulting contracts unless otherwise exempted.

The University of Alabama System will require all “agreements” executed in the name of The Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama System that exceed $5,000 to have a Disclosure Form on file with a few limited exceptions.  The Vendor Disclosure Statement is required on all professional service agreements regardless of the dollar amount or revenue generated.  The form will be obtained and considered active for a period of no less than 1 year or the length of the contract.

Exceptions include:

  • Research participant agreements, including payments to patients or participants in prescription drug, device, or other research studies conducted by our universities.  Privacy considerations, including HIPAA, logistics considerations, and the low value of these payments would exclude them.
  • Refunds issued in the ordinary course of business, such as patient refunds or student refunds on scholarship payments or financial aid.  These may be coded as vendor transactions, but are not a concern of this project.
  • Purchases from vendors on a previously approved state bid or group purchasing organization list.
  • Agreements with government agencies, such as state or federal agencies.
  • Subcontracts associated with grants.
  • Arrangements with other healthcare providers in the ordinary course of providing the standard of care for an individual patient, such as an organ procurement, blood procurement, or transfers of patients.

Vendors will be notified when an agreement is initiated that a Vendor Disclosure Statement will be required, and a link will be provided.  The form will be completed and signed electronically through DocuSign, and a copy of the final document will be emailed to the vendor.  Please keep this document on file and attach it to any subsequent agreements over the next year.  Vendors are expected to promptly disclose any relationship which may arise in the future, or any existing relationship which may become known by submitting an updated form.

Vendor Disclosure Statement