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New Contracts Provide Additional Options to Campus for Outbound Shipments

  • January 5th, 2017
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Need Assistance with your Shipping Needs?

UA Campus Mail Services is always available to assist with any of your shipping needs. They have the ability to rate shop your packages to ensure you receive the best possible pricing for all outbound shipments. Please contact Campus Mail Services at (205) 348-MAIL for assistance.

Prefer to handle your own shipping?

The University of Alabama is pleased to announce the implementation of new programs through NJPA and E&I Cooperative Services with both UPS and FedEx for Express Package and Ground Service Package Delivery. These programs will provide discounted pricing and more options to campus when selecting a package delivery company.


Using the new FedEx agreement is quick and easy. To set up a new FedEx account or convert an existing account, just complete and submit an application.


Using the new UPS agreement is also quick and easy. No action is required from departments that already have an existing UPS account. Click here to set up a new UPS account.

In an ongoing effort to offer options, reduce costs and stretch departmental budgets, it is exciting to bring these options to our UA campus community.

Need a Little Help?

  • October 4th, 2016
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buyBAMAbuyBAMA: The buyBAMA implementation phase may be drawing to a close, but we are still here to provide buyBAMA users with the resources and support that they need to place orders efficiently. Your continued success is important to us, so when you need a little extra help, we hope that you’ll find our on-demand reference materials helpful. Topics covered include:

All reference materials can be accessed from the buyBAMA webpage. If none of the available resources answer your questions, feel free to contact us at and we will be glad to further assist.

Selecting a Buyer: Our Staff Directory will allow you to access our Buyers by Commodity Type matrix which provides a comprehensive list of all buyers by commodity type.

Customer Service: We understand that online resources may not help solve all of your problems. Never hesitate to give us a call at 348-5230 and we will be glad to personally assist with your purchasing needs.

New Contract for T-Shirts

  • September 1st, 2016
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A new contract for Hanes and Gildan t-shirts has been established with Ad-Wear and Specialty of Texas. As some will recognize, they are currently our contract vendor for Comfort Color t-shirts. The University has been working with Ad-Wear for many years, and we look forward to working with them on this new contract.

The previous contract with Will Enterprises expired on August 18. If you have any questions please contact Jana Weaver, or (205) 348-3954.

buyBAMA Catalog Orders over $4,999.99

  • August 18th, 2016
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For buyBAMA catalog orders that total over $4,999.99, it is necessary to enter the following information in the Internal Notes section on the Checkout tab.  This will help expedite the processing of the P-Card single purchase limit through the approval workflow.

  • Cardholder name
  • Last 4 digits of the card number
  • Business purpose explanation

Once the Requester completes the Checkout tab, the order will be routed through the approval queue and then returned to the order originator for the credit card information to be entered.  If you have any additional questions about buyBAMA, please email

New Contract for T-Shirt Orders

  • August 17th, 2016
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The Purchasing Department is pleased to announce that effective August 19, 2016, Ad-Wear and Specialty of Texas will be the new contract vendor for all Hanes, Gildan and Comfort Color t-shirts.  The current contract with Will Enterprises expires on August 18th.  If you are currently working with this vendor, please contact Jana Weaver at or (205) 348-3954.

Should you need to contact Ad-Wear directly, please email or call David Tanenbaum at or (713) 953-9881.

Audio/Visual Contracts

  • August 3rd, 2016
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In the ever changing audio/visual commodity, University departments are continually investing in audio/visual products and not all need the same level of technology. While one department needs a simple compact camera, another department might need a more complex Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR). Due to the wide variety of audio/visual needs on campus, the University Purchasing Department has sourced multiple audio/visual contracts for departments to use. These contracts cover all aspects of your audio/visual needs from cameras to microphones and many purchases can be made with the University P-Card.

Information on these contracts and many more may be accessed in the standing contractssection of the Purchasing website.

buyBAMA Tips for New Users

  • July 6th, 2016
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We are nearing the compeletion of the implementation of our new e-Procurement system, buyBAMA. Most of you are already set up to use buyBAMA and others will begin using it soon. Here are the answers to some of our more common questions:

Q. Do I need to place all of my orders through buyBAMA?

No. At this time, buyBAMA will be utilized to place P-Card orders with the catalog vendors that you see on buyBAMA’s home page, and to submit non-catalog orders (requisitions). Purchases made by P-Card with other vendors will not be affected.

Q. When I type in the FOAPAL, the number disappears when I move to the next field. How do I correct this problem?

Think of the FOAP fields (Chart, Fund, Org, Account, Program) as search boxes. When you type information into the box, buyBAMA reaches out to Banner to find values that correspond with what you have typed and a choice list is displayed. You must choose the value from the choice list to proceed. When you have typed the whole code, your choice list will only include one item highlighted in blue. Click the blue box to confirm your entry. Since this process requires buyBAMA to communicate with Banner, the choice list might be slightly delayed. If it doesn’t appear, hit backspace to delete the last number and give it just a second to catch up.

A Few More Tips

  • Please make sure to enter a realistic delivery date for your order. This is especially important for non-catalog orders (requisitions).
  • When you select the buyer for the order, it is a good idea to get in the habit of clicking “Update” as soon as the buyer name is selected. This ensures that the buyer name will be correctly applied to the line items.
  • Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section to find even more answers to common questions!


  • June 2nd, 2016
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buyBAMAWe are nearing the compeletion of the implementation of our new e-Procurement system, buyBAMA. Most of you are already set up to use buyBAMA, and those that are not, will be within the next couple of months. As with any new system or process, there will be a learning curve and it is expected that new users will have questions and need a little extra help until they become more familiar with the the new process. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. We also have reference material and training videos to help ease the transition. If you find that you need a little more “hands on” help, we encourage you to take advantage of our in-person help sessions.

As always, please contact us if you have questions or need help. We will provide more helpful hints about buyBAMA in the coming months.

Planning for Summer

  • May 2nd, 2016
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Summer is just around the corner. Spring semester will end soon and thoughts will turn to, “What projects do we need to complete this summer?” Please remember to plan ahead and get your summer projects started early. Whether you are ordering supplies, upgrading a classroom, or renovating a space, please allow plenty of time for Purchasing to address your needs. Your project may need to be formally bid and lead time for suppliers must also be considered. Summer is a busy time for projects on campus, and we don’t want you to realize in June that it’s too late to get your project completed before the fall semester begins. Purchasing is already getting busy with projects that will take place over the summer months, but our staff will be happy to assist you with your needs for upcoming purchases and projects.


  • February 4th, 2016
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Pollye HardyWe would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Pollye Hardy on her retirement. Pollye spent over 35 years serving the University in various roles. She retired February 1, 2016 and is looking forward to her next adventure. Please join us in congratulating and thanking Pollye for her years of service and dedication to The University of Alabama.