Purchasing Department

Sam's Club Purchases

As a convenience to University departments, an arrangement with Sam’s Club has been established to enable departments to purchase food items. Non-food items require pre-approval by a buyer in the Purchasing Department.

University Purchasing & Spending Policies should be reviewed prior to obligating University funds for purchases to ensure appropriate policies and procedures are followed.

Departments can pick up the Sam’s Club membership card and Wal-Mart charge card from the Accounts Payable Department in the South Lawn Office Building at 1101 Jackson Avenue, Suite 3000, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 between the hours of 8:00 -12:00 and 1:00 – 3:00. The cards and a cash register receipt must be returned to the Accounts Payable Department during the same business day by the ordering department representative; cards cannot be kept overnight.


  1. The ordering department should prepare a Miscellaneous Disbursement Voucher listing Sam’s Club as the payee, providing a description and purpose of the items to be purchased, and assigning the appropriate FOAPAL and amount allowed to be charged. The form must be signed by an approving official.

  2. If the purchase is entertainment related, an Entertainment Expense Form should be included with the MDV. If the purchase is for anything other than food items, a department representative must contact the buyer responsible for the commodity being purchased to acquire pre-approval for the purchase prior to completing the MDV. Once approval is obtained from a buyer, make a note on the MDV indicating that approval has been obtained and state the buyer’s name.
    All appropriate documentation must be included with the MDV.
  1. The MDV will be presented to the Accounts Payable Department at the time the cards are to be picked up. Accounts Payable will review the MDV to ensure compliance with policies.  Upon approval, the department representative will be required to sign for the Sam’s Club membership card and the Wal-Mart card. The purchase must be made and the credit card and membership card returned during the same business day. The cards cannot be kept overnight.

  2. An itemized cash register receipt describing each item purchased must be returned to the Accounts Payable Department with the cards. The original receipt will be attached to the MDV for documentation.  A copy of the receipt will be made for the ordering department.   

  3. Accounts Payable will audit the MDV and cash register receipt.  If the items on the cash register receipt or the dollar amount do not match the MDV previously submitted, a corrected MDV will be required.

  4. Once approved by Accounts Payable, the MDV will be processed for payment to Sam’s/Walmart.