buyBAMA – When do I need to request a Change Order?

With PO Invoices now routing through Concur, Change Orders in buyBAMA are not always necessary. Through the PO Invoice approval workflows, departments and Purchasing have the ability to approve PO Increases through the invoice payment process instead of issuing a Change Order.

Situations that require a Change Order:

  • Encumber Additional Funds: If the project is on-going and you need to encumber additional funds to keep the PO open
  • Vendor Needs Updated Copy: If there is a project change and the vendor needs an updated copy of the PO
  • FOAP Change: If you need to change the FOAP the items are being charged to

Situations that do not require a Change Order:

  • Increased Final Invoice: If the final invoice is higher than the PO, it can be submitted and approved through Concur PO Invoice
  • Decreased Final Invoice: If the final invoice is lower than the PO, AP will pay the total on the invoice and then release the remaining funds

If you are unsure if you need a change order or not, please contact the Buyer in Purchasing.