Purchase and Payment Approval Form Tips

By this point, most everyone is familiar with the current spending restrictions put in place by campus leadership and the associated Purchase and Payment Approval Form requirement.  Please see tips and information below which will help ensure an efficient and successful purchase or payment request process:

  • Multiple Approval Forms – There are multiple approval forms in order to accommodate approval authority thresholds and final approving authority. Please review the information found at the following webpage to ensure you submit the correct Purchase and Payment Approval Form for your situation:  http://purchasing.ua.edu/2020/04/13/purchasing-and-payment-request-form/.  A re-submittal will be required if the incorrect form is submitted.
  • Purchases Externally Funded by a Contract or Grant – As per the directive from campus leadership, purchases that are externally funded by a contract or grant are an exception to the approval form requirement and do not require a Purchase and Payment Request Approval Form.
  • Expenditure Approval vs Purchasing Compliance Approval – The Purchase and Payment Approval Form is for expenditure review only and should not be misconstrued as Purchasing compliance approval.  All University Purchasing policies and guidelines remain in effect during this time and should be followed before order placement.  If the approval form is approved by Purchasing with comments such as “Pending Purchasing compliance review,” please be sure to reach out to the appropriate Senior Buyer for compliance review.
  • Supporting Documentation – Please include the approved form with your supporting documentation for purchase order requests, payment requests or expense reconciliation.