Equipment Purchases and Your Departmental Responsibilities

At UA, we purchase equipment routinely throughout the year. Capital equipment is defined as any apparatus, instrument, appliance, item of machinery, or piece of furniture costing $5,000 or more that is moveable. It is a large undertaking to purchase, document, track and report on capital equipment as the University is required. The University not only has to document the purchase, but also track where it is placed and report on the status of the equipment on an annual basis. The first step in this process is to assign the proper account code to your purchase transaction. All account codes for capital equipment purchases should begin with 791 (e.g. 791xxx-xxx). Proper coding allows Property Management to identify equipment that needs to be assigned a property tag and be recorded as an asset in order to ensure property control compliance. Additional information on this process and how your role is so important can be found at Property Management Policies and Procedures. Campus is encouraged to reach out to Property and Inventory Management with any questions regarding property control prior to completing the purchase of capital equipment.