buyBAMA Tips for New Users

  • July 6th, 2016
  • in News

We are nearing the compeletion of the implementation of our new e-Procurement system, buyBAMA. Most of you are already set up to use buyBAMA and others will begin using it soon. Here are the answers to some of our more common questions:

Q. Do I need to place all of my orders through buyBAMA?

No. At this time, buyBAMA will be utilized to place P-Card orders with the catalog vendors that you see on buyBAMA’s home page, and to submit non-catalog orders (requisitions). Purchases made by P-Card with other vendors will not be affected.

Q. When I type in the FOAPAL, the number disappears when I move to the next field. How do I correct this problem?

Think of the FOAP fields (Chart, Fund, Org, Account, Program) as search boxes. When you type information into the box, buyBAMA reaches out to Banner to find values that correspond with what you have typed and a choice list is displayed. You must choose the value from the choice list to proceed. When you have typed the whole code, your choice list will only include one item highlighted in blue. Click the blue box to confirm your entry. Since this process requires buyBAMA to communicate with Banner, the choice list might be slightly delayed. If it doesn’t appear, hit backspace to delete the last number and give it just a second to catch up.

A Few More Tips

  • Please make sure to enter a realistic delivery date for your order. This is especially important for non-catalog orders (requisitions).
  • When you select the buyer for the order, it is a good idea to get in the habit of clicking “Update” as soon as the buyer name is selected. This ensures that the buyer name will be correctly applied to the line items.
  • Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section to find even more answers to common questions!